November 23, 2023
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New Year’s Collection by Pastry Chef Anna Fediai

New Year's Collection by Pastry Chef Anna Fediai

In anticipation of the season of cozy evenings with loved ones, Anna Fediai has crafted an elegant collection of festive desserts. The pastry chef of The Carlton, Moscow opted for simplicity and refinement in the external design of the series, while each treat conceals delightful surprises within. Anna has chosen a spectacular chocolate decoration, complementing it with meticulous accents: flavor combinations of citrus, marzipan, and spices that are characteristic of the season.

Citrus cake with candied lemon and lemon ganache, marzipan and strawberry cake, spiced orange chocolate cake, Christmas panettone cake with candied lemon and chocolate drops, Christmas stollen with marzipan, dried fruits and almonds, chocolate trees and mendiants with nuts, and, of course, a traditional gingerbread house with sugar icing and chocolate truffles. Even adults will feel like children and succumb to the holiday charm. Shiny chocolate Christmas balls with dragees inside will become true confectionary art objects and table decorations. All these exquisite treats from the Christmas collection will be available in the hotel lobby from the beginning of December.

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