The Pastry Chef Anna Fedyai

Desserts are a special work of art, about which Anna Fedyai, the Pastry Chef at The Carlton, Moscow, knows everything. She has 10 years of educational experience, a diploma from the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in France and has worked in renowned restaurants and hotels around the world.
Since June 2022, Anne has joined the team at The Carlton, Moscow hotel. She collects her unique desserts like a puzzle, drawing inspiration from art objects and decor details. 


Anton Galkin

Anton Galkin, the Chef-sommelier of the restaurant, will easily pave the way from the first lines of the menu to your unforgettable experience of an exquisite lunch or dinner in O2 Lounge. He’s been managing the wine cellar collection for the past 15 years and has mastered the art of wine accompaniment, the forever partner of author's haute cuisine. Anton is also a recognized vodka expert conducting tasting sessions for those guests who would like to enjoy not only different kinds of premium vodka, polugar “bread wine” and national gastronomic delights, but also the fascinating storytelling about traditional Russian alcoholic beverages.


Philip Glushakov

Philip Glushakov is the bar manager of O2 Lounge. Since 2011, Philip continuously delights his guests with unparalleled cocktails. Philip obtained an education as a technologist specializing in Fermentation Technology and Winemaking. This solid foundation allowed him to develop expert knowledge of fermentation processes and various types of alcoholic beverages, which has become his invaluable advantage in the hospitality industry.

He had experience in coordinating restaurant team, ensuring the highest level of service during World Cup in Qatar.

Philip Glushakov combines his professionalism with exquisite taste and creativity. He possesses extensive experience in creating conceptual menus and constantly looking for new ideas and ingredients to create unique cocktails. 


Nailya Kazimova

Nailya Kazimova is the restaurant manager whose professional experience and maximum involvement guarantee synergy, the efficient flow of internal processes and impeccable operation of the restaurant as a single system. Being the main driving force of the O2 Lounge team, she’s a great leader who pays serious attention to its philosophy and ensures reaching the three components of success that have long been the hallmarks of the iconic restaurant overlooking the Kremlin: individual approach, attention to detail and the highest level of service.

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