July 5, 2024
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Literary Stand-up by Alexey Zimin

Literary Stand-up by Alexey Zimin

On June 30, Alexey Zimin, the author of the "Love by Barter and Without" series, hosted a literary stand-up event on the rooftop of The Carlton, Moscow. The event took place on the summer terrace of the O2 Restaurant.

Zimin presented two dozen new poems about love in various forms in an ironic and poetic style. Following the author himself, his texts were read by the poetess Ah Astakhova. This was her first public performance, as she had never read material that wasn't written by her before. She was accompanied by actress Ekaterina Molokhovska, presenter and blogger Yulianna Razuvayeva, and digital producer Dmitry Beskromny. Dmitry often works with different audiences in a live setting, but this was his first time appearing in front of listeners with poetry.

The event was attended by over fifty guests, including stand-up comedian Margarita Rodina, choreographer Ekaterina Reshetnikova, stylist Evgeny Sedoy, and the author of the telegram channel "Mamkina Fashionista" Inna Kombarova.

The event also featured the presence of Bruno Prosecco and Simple Group, who provided wine accompaniment, and the creation of poetic cocktails based on Onegin Vodka.

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