January 26, 2024
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Discover New Mediterranean Cuisine by Vladimir Shchepilov Chef at O2 Restaurant

Discover New Mediterranean Cuisine by Vladimir Shchepilov Chef at O2 Restaurant

For the menu of O2 restaurant Chef Vladimir Shchepilov selected the best local seasonal ingredients and combined traditional classics of bright Mediterranean flavors with his culinary experience. The menu impresses with familiar tastes but unexpected combinations: the chef complements grilled artichokes with pecorino espuma and black truffle; squid fillet he boldly combines with fresh coconut and lemongrass shots with chili; tortellini with crab is served with pumpkin and caviar, and beef fillet with mashed potatoes is prepared according to the legendary recipe of Joel Robuchon.

"I was inspired to create a completely new menu concept for the iconic O2 rooftop restaurant by my internship in Spain at the Coque restaurant. The gastronomic culture of this country has played a key role in the formation of Mediterranean cuisine, with its many unique techniques and rich flavors. In addition, I have been living and working in Dubai for the last year, studying the basics of nutrition and healthy eating. Now I strive to use all my experience by creating dishes that combine vivid flavors, aesthetics of serving and benefits for your health. At the O2 Restaurant, we offer our guests the menu of my signature dishes," Vladimir shares.

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