June 26, 2023
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Chocolate art carousel

Chocolate art carousel

Anna Feday, pastry chef at The Carlton, Moscow, took part in the annual chocolate installation and pastry art workshop in Novosibirsk. Every year the Cakeit studio of the world known artist and chocolatier Lubov Kee gathers enthusiastic masters, who are in love with their work, to share their experience and realize the largest confectionery art project in the country.

This time a team of 18 people for four days recreated the image of kid's carousel made of chocolate - completely handmade, from tempering 250 kilograms of chocolate to detailing every sculpture. In addition to the flawless appearance, there were cakes inside the product, the total weight of which was more than 50 kilograms, which speaks not only to the confectioners' decorative skills, but also to their professionalism in creating multifaceted and contemporary flavors.

"It's not just a master class on working through techniques and creating new flavor combinations," Anna shares her impressions, "This is art in its purest form, a philosophy of respect for the product, teamwork, skill mentoring and, of course, it's the inspiration to create!"

Anna Feday
Anne Feday is a graduate of the prestigious French pastry school "Ecole Nationale Superieure de Patisserie," and has extensive experience working both in France and in luxury restaurants and hotels in Moscow and the Seychelles.
Anne assembles her desserts like a puzzle, drawing inspiration from art objects, decor details, colors and flavors.

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